Career Colleges

We Support Higher Education

We all have family and friends that pursue education through private career colleges and with good reason. Career college graduates support our economy through higher-wage positions. We are expert at conducting audits in accordance with OMB A-133 and not just as auditors - we put our own kids through colleges just like yours - and we know how to read a student aid application as both parents, applicants and as expert auditors.

The issues you face are important to us and whether you are trying to expand funding, form a new for-profit entity or determine if an instructor should be treated as an independent contractor we are here to support you. From compliance problems to complex accounting and tax matters we have the answer key and will guide you through the process.

Our tailored services for career colleges include:

Career College Services:

  • Student Loan Compliance
  • Annual Audits
  • Bank Financing Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping and Support
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Forecasting and Financial Modeling
  • Business Owner Succession Planning
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